"A DIY approach to automating your lab"

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This a very nice paper from Nature about a growing trend in academic and industrial labs: 

"A DIY approach to automating your lab"

"Science  has long embraced a DIY ethos. But thanks to the ready availability of open-source software, electronics, 3D printers and online forums, DIY is having a moment. “The mechanical manufacturing side is far more accessible than before,” says Bashor. Tutorials and online resources abound for 3D printing2, for instance, including several classes on the educational website Coursera.But DIY is, well, DIY. Even with all those resources greasing the wheels, it’s still up to the scientist to do the work. “You need to be willing to dig in and try to learn it yourself,” says Eric Greenwald, an imaging specialist at the University of California, San Diego, who has made some of the hardware in his lab himself. And, like the rest of science, DIY projects are experiments.

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