Additive Manufacturing : a key technology for the supply chain ?

InnovaTech ASBL published an article about how the pandemic is challenging the value chain. Is it a starting point to rethink the production? Is it the proper timing to relocate the production in Europe ? 

"The VIDOC-19 pandemic, because it forced the world's states and their industries to shut down, caused disruptions in the supply chain of our industries in several sectors.

But in these unprecedented circumstances, it has also made it possible to (re)discover an agile, rapid, localized technology capable of rigorously meeting the specific needs of these sectors while complying with national legislation: additive manufacturing.

The pandemic has given a glimpse of what the future of parts production may look like, with a large number of decentralised machines working in parallel. Today it is mostly makers with machines made for prototyping, but in the future, I think it will be possible to reproduce such a decentralised production scenario with machines making the finished products."

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