Distributor for Benelux and North of France


OMG filter pumps are designed to be introduced in the surface treatment process called "electroplating". According to such technique, metallic objects to be plated for decoration or protection are covered by electrolysis with a thin layer of another metal. They are suitable to filter electrolytic solutions used in the following processes: acid/alkaline nickel plating, acid/alkaline copper plating, acid/alkaline zinc plating, alkaline cadmium plating, acid/alkaline tin plating, acid/alkaline gold plating, alkaline silver plating, alkaline brass plating.

The main groups of the filter pump are the filtering unit and the unit pump.

The robustness of each component and the construction of the filter unit are a guarantee of durability and degree of high filtration (< 1 μ) of OMG filter pumps. 

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