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Shorten the development time

The development of a technological innovation very often requires to go off the beaten tracks. It also requires a huge amount of time. I believe that by using LEAN Startup and Design Thinking Methodologies, adapted to applied research, it is possible to reduce time and risk factors of an innovation project for a new product or process development. 


Innovative manufacturing technologies 

Passionate about science and new technologies, I especially help researchers and companies working on new products or production processes which requires innovative materials and high precision manufacturing technologies.

New fabrication technologies, like additive manufacturing, are rapidly emerging and they bring new opportunities for rapid prototyping and small batch production with high precision at an affordable cost. I love learning about these new technologies to evaluate their maturity and I can help my clients to find the solution adapted to their needs. 



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Our Values 

I believe in collective intelligence to accelerate creativity and the research of effective solutions. This is why I work with companies or start-ups dealing with new innovative technologies answering industrial needs and restrictive environment. I am creative, pragmatic and passionate about microfluidics, continuous chemistry, and innovation to improve research efficiency. I love to find the best option for each challenge asked. Keeping financial and time aspects in mind, I accompany my clients through the innovation process. I help their innovation become a reality.

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