Prototype your milli-fluidic set-up
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11 April, 2019 by
Prototype your milli-fluidic set-up
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter

Are you working on fluid mixing or emulsions challenges? Are you building a new micro- or milli-fluidic set-up for your experiment? You might be struggling to find the adapted part or equipment? Manetco can help you to design and manufacture the parts you need in order to create your lab or pilot-scale prototype

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Tailor-made static-mixer

We can create small scale static-mixers adapted to your experiment and compatible with your set-up for a wide range of applications:

Viscous fluids
Low-shear mixing
Pre-mixing for sensitive formulations

Design and manufacturing

We can help you find the right manufacturing technology and the adapted materials as well as the surface treatment to create the part or the equipment that you need to conduct your experiment. 



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Prototype your milli-fluidic set-up
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter 11 April, 2019
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