Rapid testing methodology to find suitable micro-mixer

Manetco proposes solutions to quickly test new micro-mixer design for your flow chemistry application
Identifying the right micro-mixer for the development of a new flow process can take long time with regular high precision manufacturing technologies. These technologies generally require molding or complex assembling in order to create the adapted part, which largely increase the cost and the lead-time.

This is why Manetco developed an agile methodology to accelerate the development process by combining digital manufacturing technologies. These solutions allow us to quickly design and compare various design in real conditions to observe the most suited design. In practical terms, based on the needs described by the R&D manager, we provide a set of prototypes with various designs which can be tested. From these initial experiments, the most appropriate design is chosen for further optimisation or to create a new part with larger scale or more adapted materials. If needed, we can also develop the skid for test experiments to validate the right design. 

It is worth mentioning that, in every projects, we keep in mind the constraints required by the final application (temperature, GMP environments, chemical resistance...) in order to confirm that the technology used to create the prototype is still suitable for the production stage in order to avoid a redesign of the part when the process have to be validated for production. 

Test of a new micro-mixer design for continuous production of emulsions.

Manetco specialises in project management for the creation of equipment or parts. From an idea or a sketch to the realisation of a functional prototype, we help you to put the concept on paper through a feasibility study, then we make it concrete and finally we help you to produce it or to find the right partner for the industrialisation.
If the project is already running, no worries, we also provide consulting services to solve specific challenge identified during the project.


Do you have a challenging part or equipment to create? Let's chat and we will be happy to see how we can assist you.

Rapid testing methodology to find suitable micro-mixer
Manetco, Tanguy Van Regemorter January 25, 2022
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