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Open-source and free labware CAD files

Additive Manufacturing : a key technology for the supply chain ?

Production industrielle de visières de protection

Autonomous photobioreactor to grow algae

New continuous reactor for process intensification

We create your tailor-made piece of equipment

Manetco partners with Lino3D to provide cutting edge 3D printing technolgies in Belgique

Coronavirus : circulaire pour les établissements de soins concernant la fabrication (ou sa sous-traitance) et le retraitement de dispositifs médicaux et leurs accessoires

Des fichiers partagés pour imprimer du Medtech en 3D

Valves venturi biocompatibles imprimées 3D

Organiser la fabrication 3D pour les soignants

Small scale static mixers

"Do it yourself" strategy in industries sometimes goes beyond expectations !

A sensor mimicking a tongue

Our team member : Sami Yunus

"A DIY approach to automating your lab"

Demo : High precision pump with our micromixer

Materials Helpdesk

Need efficient mixing at small scale?

Production delays for microfluidic chips prototypes?

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